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Donna Hightower HairStyles

Donna Hightower HairStyles 

Donna Hightower is an American R&B, soul and jazz singer. She has recorded and released albums for Decca Records and Capitol Records.

Hightower was born in Missouri and is best known for the albums Take One! and Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You and the album and single This World Today Is A Mess.

Even though her records in the 1970's were distributed in most of Europe by DECCA records, her base record company was Columbia Discos Spain, country in which she won the IV International Song Festival of Costa Del Sol with the song "If You Hold My Hand". Her biggest hit This World Today Is A Mess from 1972 was co-written with Spain singer Danny Daniel
She is also known for her performance of the song "If You Hold My Hand" that was sampled for the hit U.K. single "Handsfree" by Sonny J.

source by :wikipedia

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